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The lonely life of a Phanatic

It's all fun and games when the bright lights and big crowds kick in, but spring training can be a pretty sad place for a mascot.

The Phillie Phanatic is like that guy at work you always wonder about. He is somehow always happy. How is that possible?! You find yourself wondering what that guy does when he gets home. Does he go 12 rounds with a punching bag? Does he pound a six pack of beers? Or is he just a happy dude?

That's the Phillie Phanatic, and we got a rare glimpse into the more melancholy side of Mr. Phanatic courtesy of David Maialetti, photographer for the Philadelphia Daily News.


If his head hung any lower and if he were any more silhouetted, I'd think he just watched the Phillies lose - but then I'd quickly remember he got used to that last season.