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Welcome to the Ump Show: Umpiring at its finest, and most ridiculous

A compilation of the best strike calls from around the globe!! (Complete a brief cameo from the great Enrique Palazzo.... also, maybe Adam Sandler?)

Al Bello

The call for robot umpires has been made for eons, but still humans patrol the baseball fields.

While umps seem to draw endless ire from fans, players, and coaches alike, there also bring some enjoyment to the game. Namely, in ridiculously exaggerated strike calls.

And what's the only thing better than exaggerated strike calls? Exaggerated strike calls when umpiring small children.

Exhibit A:

Pretty sure the guy at 0:22 is Adam Sandler, or is at least trying to be. The last half of the video isn't that great, but the first half is solid enough.