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MARLINS GONNA MARLIN: Poopin' on fan feelings

Alternate Headlines: That Is So Marlin... Loria Goes Suit Shopping.


The Marlins introduced a new promotion this morning to reward the the loyalty of their few remaining fans. It's called the "Buy Season Tickets And We'll Sue Your Ass" campaign.

Yeah, so it's not actually a promotion, but it is a thing the Marlins are actually threatening to do:

Like anyone who paid $25,000 for seats that became obscured midway through the season, the Leons asked the team to change their seat location or they would not renew their tickets for the 2013 season.

The team responded by threateneing a lawsuit for nonpayment.

Mrs. Leon sums up her feelings on the matter pretty succinctly in the article:

"They've pooped on fans' feelings for years," Jan Leon says. "These seats are not what we paid for...

"I have no intention of renewing," Leon says. "They're a Double A team now. It went down the toilet when they sold off all the players."

Well, not the most eloquent of analogies, but at least Mrs. Leon didn't mix her metaphors.

I never thought it would reach this point, but Jeffrey Loria may be beginning to make former Rays owner Vince Namioli look halfway decent. If we were ranking MLB owners based on Roman emperors, I'm pretty sure Loria is now Caligula and Namioli is Nero.