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Orioles rumors: team happy with starting pitching depth

The Orioles are happy with their starting pitching depth.


The Orioles could sit tight with there rotation and not make any more moves, reports Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Despite the lack of a true "ace," the team has a lot of depth at the starting pitching spot and likely could stand pat and be fine there. They have a good amount of young pitching, with even more on the way. The Fox Sports article mentions that the Orioles have as many as 10 possible starting pitchers in camp, which certainly paints the picture.

The Orioles not only have a tremendous amount of MLB pitching depth, but they also have perhaps the best duo of starting pitching prospect in the minors. Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman both have a chance to pitch at the top of the rotation for the Orioles, and both could be big league ready soon. Bundy pitched in the Majors last September, and Gausman moved through the minors quickly.

The Orioles decided not to pursue Kyle Lohse, as they felt like he was redundant depth.

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