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Yankees rumors & news: Robinson Cano, Kyle Lohse, Derek Jeter

The New York Yankees aren't quite in panic mode. They have Mariano Rivera coming back after all. However, if that's all they needed, things would be so much easier. Here are some updates from around the Yankees' world.

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Jim Rogash

Don't count them out, but don't count them in. The Bronx Bombers are suffering from a variety of ailments ranging from old age to injuries to scandal. However, these are the New York Yankees we're talking about. They seem to always find a way to win.

Even in "down" years, the Yankees still weren't as bad as a lot of teams (I'd name names, but we're not here to hurt feelings). So as the Yankees work through their issues, here are some of the recent updates surrounding the team.

Cano to cash in

Robinson Cano is good. Like face-of-the-Yankees-after-Derek-Jeter-retires kind of good. And he knows it.

The Yankees have already entered into negotiations with the power-hitting second baseman, but it's going to take a lot of money to lock him up long-term.

Lohse-less Yankees

The Kyle Lohse saga continues. With each passing day, it becomes increasingly more likely that teams will wait until after the June draft to pursue the former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher. If teams wait until after the draft, they no longer have to forfeit draft pick compensation. Not sure how Lohse feels about that, but it can't be Scott Boras' favorite thing.

  • The Yankees have previously said they were not interested in Lohse. They maintained that stance recently. The club has all the pitching they need right now despite some spring injuries.
  • It might seem like Lohse could be a good fit in New York, but Jason A. Churchill of ESPN (insider piece) explains why a deal would not make sense for the Yankees. Despite the obvious issue with the draft pick compensation, there are other hurdles that would prevent the deal from happening in New York.

Other things you should know

Yankees news from around the SB Nation network: