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Tigers rumors: Rick Porcello roundup

Rick Porcello was all over the news Thursday. Let's take a look at the buzz surrounding him.


Porcello Trade Likely

Right off the bat this should be established- Rick Porcello is a likely trade candidate. There is no doubt that he is being discussed heavily. He is having a fantastic Spring Training, and is also a valuable young pitcher. He is still young enough where he can get better, but good enough to where he does not have to improve to provide value.

We Get Names

After the initial wave of rumors, it was probably a logical next step to find out which teams were in on Porcello. According to reports, the Rangers and Padres have been the most active on the right-hander. Going even a step further, the Padres reportedly declined an offer of Porcello for either Huston Street or Luke Gregerson, which is certainly interesting given each team's needs.

The Rangers are not an illogical landing spot for Porcello, as they have dealt with many pitching injuries and are trying to replenish the well of pitching. A trade for a long-term solution like Porcello could be bad news for those that want to see Neftali Feliz in the rotation, but that is just speculation at this point.

Tigers Deny Almost Everything (Shocking!)

Later on, the Tigers denied ever initiating trades for Porcello, saying that they only accepted calls on him. They are essentially backtracking, but not denying anything in the process.

I think ultimately, Porcello will be traded. I also think this will be a good thing for him, as the right-hander could use a change of scenery as he tries to find the stuff that at one time made him a no-doubt first round talent in the draft. If a team is patient with him, he could even develop into something more than what he is now, and become a true late bloomer. The question is this: does Detroit want to take that risk?

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