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Kyle Lohse rumors: Rockies, Rangers, Brewers

Free agent Kyle Lohse is seeking a deal in the neighborhood of the two-year deal Ryan Dempster signed with the Red Sox.

Christian Petersen

Yesterday's Kyle Lohse rumors focused on several teams -- including the Los Angeles Angels, Kansas City Royals and Cincinnati Reds. FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal offers another team that -- though a long shot -- could be in play for Lohse; the Colorado Rockies.

Rosenthal notes that "it would be an upset" if the Rockies signed Lohse. Still, this hasn't stopped the club from doing their due diligence on the free agent. They've inquired about Lohse with several different people around the league, according to Rosenthal.

One source told Rosenthal that the Rockies are only expected to sign Lohse "if by a very, very remote chance he just flat-out doesn't have anything" in the way of a market develop for his services. Even then, Colorado would have to significantly boost their payroll to accommodate the addition.

Beyond the Rockies, Rosenthal adds that the Texas Rangers and Milwaukee Brewers continue to maintain contact with Lohse. They have been the teams most frequently tied to the 34-year-old this offseason.

Rosenthal also offered an updated asking price for Lohse. According to sources, the Scott Boras client is now seeking something in the neighborhood of Ryan Dempster's two-year, $26.5 million contract with the Boston Red Sox. He was reportedly hoping for a three-year deal with a "big" average annual salary earlier this offseason.

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