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Rick Porcello rumors: Padres would rather go with internal candidates

While there has been a lot of talk surrounding a possible trade involving the Padres and Tigers' pitcher Rick Porcello, San Diego may be more inclined to go with what they have.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Despite the rumors of a potential trade involving Detroit Tigers' starting pitcher Rick Porcello, the San Diego Padres are leaning toward not making a deal. According to Bill Center of the San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego would rather stick with internal candidates than make a trade for Porcello. In his weekly chat with fans, Center said Padres' GM Josh Byrnes likes players within the system like Andrew Cashner and Ross better than he likes he idea of trading for Porcello.

The Padres have been reserved in their offseason activity this past year, making just minor moves, but it has appeared as if the club would try to make a splash with a trade for Porcello. However, San Diego is focusing heavily on developing their internal talent and trying to build off last season's second-half success. All along, the club has maintained the stance that they don't need to do much to continue their impressive late-season run into the 2013 season.

San Diego may be passing on a solid young pitcher in Porcello if they don't make a deal, and that may be why the rumors continue to live on. Porcello seems like a nice fit in San Diego. He's not a big name with a high price tag. He's got a few years of arbitration eligibility ahead of him before he can become a free agent. Match made in heaven, right? San Diego may not think so if they have to give up too much for Porcello.

Too much would likely constitute a big leaguer and a prospect. San Diego may be willing to make the deal if they only had to give up a prospect or only had to give up a big leaguer. They've invested too much time in their farm system to just give where away. So, after all is said and done, Porcello may never become a Friar.

But here's what the Padres will miss out on if they don't land Porcello: A 24-year old with a high ceiling, a guy who has started 30 or more games in three out of his four big league seasons, a battled tested pitcher from the AL, and a guy with incredible affordability.

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