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Marlins Gonna Marlin... again: Miami selling Opening Day tix on Groupon

It's only a matter of time before the Marlins auction off the Home Run Thingy. Have your wallets at the ready...

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Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It's really hard to believe that the Miami Marlins opened their new stadium just last year. New parks usually give teams an attendance bump that lasts a few seasons, no matter how bad the product on the field.

Well, meet the exception to the rule.

The Miami Marlins are having such a hard time selling tickets for their home opener, that they've resorted to selling tickets in bunches on Groupon.

Not only can you get up to eight (!!) $20 tickets for Opening Day against the Braves, but your heavily-discounted ticket also comes with a $10 merchandise voucher PLUS a complimentary ticket to another home game ON A TICKET UP TO $75 IN VALUE.

That's insane.

One caller to a local radio station -- 640AM -- suggested that the Marlins take the promotion to it's next logical step:

"Instead of Groupons why don’t they just go ahead and open the gates and eventually just let people come in free and see what happens," the caller said.

That would be downright Veeckian, which of course means Loria would never go for it.

According to the Groupon page, over 300 discounted tickets have been sold thus far, so get them while you can... It's only a matter of time before the team pulls the promotion and decides to sue everyone who bought them.