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Dick's and goosebump-inspiring baseball awesomeness

It's not often that a commercial can give you goosebumps, but Dick's Sporting Goods nailed it with this one.

Only baseball nerds will love this commercial. I can imagine showing it to my football friends. Here's what their reactions would be in three steps:

1) Head-scratching confusion - There are a bunch of crazy guys on this field doing weird things. Where's the violence? Where's the action?

2) Dizziness - I've been to people's houses on Sunday NFL game days. There is a lot of beer involved with watching football. Not that baseball is shy about its ties to booze, but football fans take it to a whole new level, so I fear the spinning camera work in this commercial could cause a few football fans to fall down.

3) Anger - Nothing happens? Nothing happens! This is why baseball is boring, they'd say. And they'd be wrong.

Wow, this really turned into a bash on football fans piece. Not my intention. I love football. I love football fans. The fact is, only true baseball fans could even sit through this commercial, though. And I love every second of it.