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Rangers rumors: Nolan Ryan leaving Texas?

Nolan Ryan could part ways with the Rangers by the end of spring training.


The Texas Rangers recently announced leadership changes that are expected to leave CEO Nolan Ryan in a lesser role. While it's been reported that Ryan could part ways with the team by the end of spring training, Rangers co-chairman Bob Simpson doesn't want the veteran to leave the team, according to Randy Galloway of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Simpson said Ryan leaving the Rangers "would be a tragedy," and something he and the team doesn't want to happen. The promotions involving general manager Jon Daniels and Rick George that were recently announced were made "to preserve" Ryan's role with the team, not remove him, according to Simpson. The co-chairman hopes Ryan will remain with the Rangers "forever, and in charge of the team as long as he wants to be."

Ryan remains the team's CEO, but Daniels now has final say over all baseball decisions while George has final say over all business decisions. This would appear to leave Ryan in a reduced role.

Still, Simpson reiterated that this is not the case, as he considers the definition of CEO as being "the person in charge." Ryan will continue to "make the anything-of-significance decisions and bring those to ownership for approval." Ownership's goal was to "remove some of the day-to-day stuff from Nolan" but allow him to keep his role when it comes to "significant decisions."

Daniels hasn't indicated a desire for a power struggle and Ryan has yet to say he's planning on leaving the Rangers. But some believe a parting of ways is coming and that it could happen before the team breaks camp.