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Free Fallin': Brian Cashman and the Legbreakers

Because sometimes the perfect Yankees analogies just fall out of the sky...

Jim McIsaac

OK, maybe not perfect -- seeing as how the season hasn't started yet -- but this one's got at least 80 potential.

In case you haven't heard, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman broke his leg and dislocated his ankle Monday in a skydiving accident. The GM's first jump went great, but things got a little hairy the second time around:

Cashman said he "heard a pop" in his ankle as he caught his foot on the ground as he landed.

He was immediately tended to by paramedics who stabilized and iced the injuries.

Let's give manipulating the story into an analogy for the coming season a go...

Cashman and the Yankees took a big risk on aging players in 2012 (the first jump), but in the end the club made it safely into the playoffs (the parachute held out and led to a safe landing). The Yankees tried the same approach in 2013 (the second jump), but several key players went down early (parachute didn't work as well), forcing the club to limp into Opening Day (broken leg).

Yeah, so it's not great, but don't count it out as a harbinger of things to come for the Bronx Bombers.