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Tigers rumors: Detroit shopping for closer

The Tigers are now "pushing hard to find a closer on the trade market."


It was recently reported that the Detroit Tigers were not in the market for a closer, as they were prepared to enter the regular season with rookie Bruce Rondon filling the role. The right-hander's shaky spring has apparently changed the team's plans, as Detroit is now "pushing hard to find a closer on the trade market," according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports.

Knobler notes that with Rondon showing he can't handle the role and with no other "good options" available in their camp, the Tigers are left searching the trade market for a closer.

However, Knobler isn't sure if Detroit will be able to find a proven closer this late into the spring. He lists the Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox as two potential trade partners.

The Nationals signed free agent Rafael Soriano this offseason to be their closer for 2013 and beyond. The move added the right-hander to a bullpen that already included several arms with closing experience, specifically Drew Storen and Tyler Clippard. Detroit could look to acquire one of Storen or Clippard, but Washington has said it's not interested in parting with any of their late-inning arms.

The Red Sox acquired Joel Hanrahan from the Pittsburgh Pirates this winter, meaning Andrew Bailey is no longer the team's projected closer. It's not clear if the Tigers are interested in Bailey, but they've yet to reach out to the Red Sox, according to Knobler.

If the Tigers do make a trade for a closer, they could use one of their extra starting pitchers to do so. Knobler believes Detroit could make Rick Porcello available, but he doubts they'd trade him for "anything but a proven closer."