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David Ortiz injury: Red Sox DH remains hopeful for Opening Day

David Ortiz remains confident he'll be able to start the regular season healthy.


Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is still hampered by an Achilles' tendon injury, but the slugger took another step forward yesterday as he continues to run the bases, according to Peter Abraham of The Boston Globe.

Ortiz said earlier this week that he's confident he'll be able to start the regular season healthy and as a member of the Red Sox Opening Day roster.

Ortiz told reporters, including Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe, that his foot feels good, adding that when he gets going he's fine. However, soreness continues to set in once Ortiz cools off. His doctors tell him this will eventually go away, as it is a part of the treatment process.

Aiming to get into spring training contests in the next week or so, Ortiz says he hopes to register between 50 and 60 at-bats before the start of the regular season. He feels confident he can hit that number by playing in a combination of major and minor league exhibition games.

The Red Sox signed Ortiz to a two-year, $26 million contract following the 2012 campaign. While his injury limited him to 90 games last season, he produced when he was healthy enough to suit up. The 37-year-old hit .318/.415/.611 with 26 doubles and 23 home runs over 383 plate appearances.