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Mets rumors: Johan Santana's 2014 option

There's no way the Mets will allow Johan Santana's $25 million option for 2014 become attainable this season.

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There are possibilities that could have New York Mets left-hander Johan Santana's $25 million 2014 option vest or switch from team to player. However, Matthew Cerrone of Mets Blog expects New York's front office to do whatever is necessary to either trade Santana or keep that option from being attainable.

Santana's option is currently of the team variety, and the Mets are certain to not exercise his $25 million tab for 2014. But, if Santana logs 215 innings this season and he's on the team's active roster for the final 30 days of the regular season, the option switches from team controlled to player controlled.

There are other ways Santana's option could simply vest for 2014, but those are highly unlikely. For example, he'd have to compete for the Cy Young Award or log a whopping 300 innings this season.

While these situations are aren't expected, Santana could feasibly reach 215 innings. Cerrone doesn't think it will happen, but either way he doesn't expect the Mets to provide the veteran the opportunity to reach the 215 mark.

Santana's already on pace to start the season on the disabled list, and considering his track record it's probably the first of several trips in 2013. For this reason it's probably already a moot point, but you can bet the Mets will have nothing to do with the $25 million option.