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When strains stray: Erik Bedard edition

There are plenty of perfectly acceptable strains and sprains in baseball. A wrist strain, an elbow strain, and ankle strain, etc. But a butt strain?


In case you missed it, Houston Astros pitcher Erik Bedard has missed most of spring with an injury that doesn't quite rank as embarrassing, but ranks as strange. The lefty has pitched just two innings this spring because of a "strained gluteal muscle," says Brian McTaggart of

In layman's terms, that's a butt strain.

Now here might be the most interesting part of the story: Bedard has the Astros' training staff working on it.

"He's been getting treatment, and hopefully we get him back out there soon," Porter said.

The images running through my mind are ones I can't un-see, so I am passing this knowledge on to you. Enjoy, embrace, and go forth to spread the news of the butt strain.