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IMPORTANT: Jose Bautista is Betty White fan club member

Joey Bats held an AMA on Reddit yesterday, because that's what all the cool kids are doing these days. Most of the questions Redditors asked the Blue Jays slugger were pretty tame/bland/recycled, but there was one diamond in the rough...


Joey Bats got on Reddit yesterday for an AMA, and after several minutes of cliche questions and cliche answers, this little exchange happened:


There's no word on whether Bautista is a card-carrying member of Bet's Pets -- est. 1971 (!!) -- but the thought of him settling down after a long road trip with a Golden Girls marathon is definitely worth a chuckle.

I wonder if Betty has gotten the chance to watch Bautista's debut on the small screen:

Perhaps there's a collaboration of sorts in their future?