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Yankees rumors: Mariano Rivera, Tyler Colvin, Carlos Lee

The Yankees have had a tumultuous Spring Training, which has jumped the team into the rumor mill. Let's take a look at the buzz around the Yankees.

Jim McIsaac

The Yankees are one of the most popular teams in baseball, and the buzz around them would certainly support that notion. Let's look at what the Bronx Bombers have been up to.

No Mo' Mo?

Sorry for everyone who thought this was about Hideo Nomo, as sadly this is about Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.The legendary reliever will announce that he is hanging his spikes up after the 2013 season, which will be a great loss for all of baseball. Rivera of course injured his knee last year while shagging fly-balls during batting practice, and many people thought that would be it for the great closer.

As someone who does not believe that many relievers have much value, Mariano Rivera is one huge exception. He is one of the greats, and pretty much made every game he pitched in an 8-inning affair. He is one of the few relievers i would advocate for the Hall of Fame, and I am sure he will be enshrined there someday.

Potential fill-ins part one: Colvin, Lee, Rolen

The Yankees have been linked to a few potential replacements for the injured players they have lost, and some of those replacements include Tyler Colvin, Carlos Lee, and Scott Rolen. While none of these names are particularly sexy, the Yankees are not looking at any sexy replacements at this point in the year. They will need to either get replacement level-type players, or try and fill from within.

I think it would make sense for the Yankees to fill from within as opposed to getting mediocre replacements from outside the organization. Filling from within is cheaper, and maybe they could even be pleasantly surprised by someone like Melky Mesa.

Potential fill-ins part two: Don Kelly, Russ Canzler

Continuing the list of meh-replacements for the Yankees to consider, Don Kelly and Russ Canzler have been reportedly linked to the Yankees. The Yankees briefly owned Canzler's rights this offseason, but the team waived him and he is now in camp with the Orioles.

Kelly is with the Tigers, and has played some outfield for them. He is really a dismal hitter and probably would not be an upgrade for the Yankees, so the team should look to other options here.