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Joe Mauer adorns worst T-shirt this side of Remetees

WARNING: Children, do not let your dads buy this shirt. You know it will happen if you leave them alone in the store for too long. They think it's "cool."

Holy mother of Babe Ruth, what the hell is this thing?:


h/t Reddit Baseball

"Guys, I've got it! You know what's better than having a small picture of Joe Mauer batting in the center of a T-shirt?Joe Mauer being the WHOLE T-shirt." -- Some guy who's now looking for a new line of work.

The only way this T-shirt would ever work is if someone were to wear it at field level on the third-base side at Target Field and take a photo when Mauer is up so that the shirt takes the place of actual Mauer. Kind of like Dear Photograph, except with a floating head. (Actually, can someone please do that and let us know?)

I realize that TJ Maxx is mostly to blame for this atrocity -- the tag gives them away -- but I can't help but imagine the Twins having some hand in this.

Not well played, Mauer. Smooth, silky hair can only get you so far in life with fashion choices like this one.