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Mark Teixeira injury: Yankees 1B won't require surgery

Mark Teixeira's strained wrist won't require surgery.


New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira will be sidelined eight to 10 weeks while he recovers from a right wrist injury. The Yankees and Teixeira are both extremely disappointed, but they have announced a bit of good news regarding the situation. Teixeira's strained wrist won't require surgery, according to Matthew Leach of

Beyond the fact that the wrist won't require surgery, Leach notes that another silver lining is that the injury was sustained in March and not mid-season. Still, Teixeira is expected to be on the disabled list until the middle of May.

Teixeira shed light on his injury and how it was sustained. The veteran routinely warms up by taking swings with a weighted bat and hitting balls off a tee. He was doing this prior to an exhibition game, and after his fifth or sixth swing he felt something "tighten up." He went to the training room immediately and it would later be determined that he suffered a significant wrist strain.

Doctors have told Teixeira that the strain is a "classic baseball injury," something that will require time to heal. For this reason, it's not simply something he can tough out and play through. If he did continue to play, he would risk the chance of "tearing it" and requiring surgery.

Teixeira said the eight to 10 weeks of recovery is flexible because doctors aren't sure "exactly how long it's going to take" to heal. The first baseman has been fitted for a cast and can participate in "all kinds of cardio." He'll also be able to swing with a one-handed bat and take ground balls soon.