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Cubs rumors: 'All options open' on Alfonso Soriano

The Cubs have retained Alfonso Soriano throughout the offseason, but they are keeping all options open when it comes to the veteran outfielder.


The Chicago Cubs did not trade outfielder Alfonso Soriano this offseason, but they are not yet ready to say the veteran will remain with the team for the final two years of his contract. When asked about Soriano's future in Chicago, team president Theo Epstein told reporters -- including Paul Sullivan of The Chicago Tribune -- "you have to keep all options open."

Epstein added that if the Cubs do not "have a season where we sneak up on people and contend, then we have to at some point contemplate our future." He also noted that a potential trade is up to Soriano too, considering he has a no-trade clause with his 10-and-5 rights.

For now, Epstein is only interested in contending this year, and having "a season like the Orioles and A's had last year." But, if something comes along that benefits Soriano and "makes the future of the organization better," the team will present the proposal to the outfielder.

Soriano hit .262/.322/.499 with 33 doubles and 32 home runs over 615 plate appearances last season. The 37-year-old is owed $36 million over the next two years -- $18 million this year and another $18 million in 2014.


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