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Alex Rodriguez injury: A-Rod's rehab 'going very well'

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez told reporters his recovery is "going very well."


While Alex Rodriguez's rehab is still in "Stage 1," the New York Yankees' third baseman told reporters -- including Bryan Hoch of -- that his "recovery is going very well."

Rodriguez said he's "devoting 100 percent" of his time and focus into getting back and playing for the Yankees this season. The veteran is expected to be sidelined until at least the All-Star break, the duration of his absence depending on how his rehab goes.

As he continues to recover from a hip impingement, Rodriguez told reporters that "hindsight is 20/20" when asked if he should have had his injury checked sooner. While some have questioned his ability to return following the injury, Rodriguez said he expects to come back as a productive player once his recovery is complete. Once his hip is mended and he's fully healthy, Rodriguez doesn't see any reason why he "can't play at a very high level."

Rodrigez has been in statistical decline since the 2007 season, as he hit .272/.353/.430 with 17 doubles and 18 home runs over 529 plate appearances last year. The 37-year-old is slated to miss perhaps half of the current campaign, while he's owed another $114 million over the next five seasons.


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