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AL East Notes: A-Rod, Dylan Bundy, Ryan Sweeney

Taking a look at the news in the AL East.

Nick Laham

In what may be the most hotly-contested division in baseball, the American League East is sure to promise a good deal of drama and excitement this year. Let's check in on the news around the division.

A-Rod's rehab going well

Despite their lackluster performance today, the Yankees received some good news pertaining to third baseman Alex Rodriguez. It sounds like he is working hard and doing his best to return as quickly as possible, which may be good news for a Yankees team desperate for hitting.

While some Yankees fans may groan at the thought, Rodriguez is still a productive player and he should be able to provide the team with plenty of value at the plate. Despite the cloud of controversy surrounding him, he is an above-average player and a power bat that the Yankees are sorely lacking at the moment.

Orioles' Bundy has elbow soreness, commence panic

Orioles super-prospect Dylan Bundy is currently suffering from elbow soreness, which is certainly a concern for the defending-Wild Card champs. He could join the team mid-season in the rotation, but if he suffers from elbow issues that timetable may be set back.

The wise thing to do would likely be to hold him back in the minors and limit his pitches until they have this under control, because the last thing we would want to see is a talent like him get hurt. The Orioles surely feel the same way, and will likely proceed with extreme caution.

Red Sx sacrifice Sweeney to the mighty Jackie Bradley Jr.

The Red Sox released Ryan Sweeney, which officially made the room for outfield phenom Jackie Bradley Jr. This move will certainly cause strong reactions from most members of Red Sox Nation, whether it is joy at the inclusion of Bradley, or anger at the starting of his service clock.

Personally I think this move is great, as the Red Sox are not allowing factors other than the player himself affect his development path. The team feels that he is big league-ready now, and will give him the chance to showcase it at the highest level.