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AL Central Notes: Lars Anderson, Casper Wells, Off-season Roundup

Taking a look at the news in the AL Central.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

In a division that is supposed to be a runaway win for the Tigers, all may not be lost for the rest of the teams. If we have learned anything about baseball, it is that it is unpredictable. Let's take a look at the news in the AL Central.

Lars Anderson to the White Sox

The White Sox sent cash considerations to the waiver-happy Blue Jays for Lars Anderson, according to reports. The team is adding a once highly-touted prospect, and someone who could serve as good depth for their bench. If they get lucky, he could even be a late bloomer and turn into a real contributor for them later in the season.

It is worth noting that Anderson was traded for a minor-league knuckeball pitcher this past season, so his stock is not exactly soaring. The Blue Jays were essentially able to pick him up for nothing and flip him for cash, which is surely anything but a bad deal.

Tigers interested in Casper Wells

The Tigers are considering looking into outfielder Casper Wells, the recently-cut outfielder that was with the Mariners. He lost his job to Jason Bay, and should garner plenty of interest from teams that need outfield help. He is a decent hitter with some defensive versatility, which makes him an asset to many teams.

Some other teams that should be interested are the Mets and Yankees, but it is yet to be seen what the market looks like for the outfielder.

Off-season in review

MLB Daily Dish's own Matt Sullivan recapped the off-season for the AL Central, which was a very informative read. This division was very busy over the winter, with the Royals making the biggest splash by acquiring James Shields. The Indians signed Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher among others, and the Tigers added Torii Hunter to bolster their outfield.

The Twins added to their minor-league depth as they build for the future, and the White Sox did a good job of standing pat and not overreacting to last season. They also transitioned from Kenny Williams to new-GM Rick Hahn.