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Cubs owner mailed severed goat head at Wrigley Field

"Goat heads. Goat heads. Roly, poly goat heads..."

Jonathan Daniel

In what was either an elaborate prank or some weird rite of passage for a David Fincher fan, a literal and figurative GOAT* surprise was awaiting Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts at Wrigley Field on Wednesday, per CSN Chicago:

In one of the more bizarre incidents so far this baseball season, a goat's head was sent to Wrigley Field Wednesday afternoon addressed to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, a team spokesperson told the Chicago Tribune.

The mysterious package was dropped off at Gate K at Wrigley and no note was included.

Yesterday's goat-a-gram is actually the second severed goat head to make it's way to the gates of Wrigley Field in the last two seasons, which makes one wonder where the hell people are even finding goats to decapitate in Chicago.

It's believed the sender used the US Postal Service rather than FedEx or UPS, so the rest of the goat should arrive sometime in the next few weeks, though there's also a good chance it was sent to old Wrigley Field in Los Angeles.

Seriously though, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake are really running out of ideas for SNL Digital Shorts.

*Grossest Of All Time