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Zack Greinke has surgery to repair fractured collarbone

Los Angeles Dodgers starter Zack Greinke has undergone surgery to repair his fractured left collarbone.


Los Angeles Dodgers starter Zack Greinke had surgery yesterday to repair the broken collarbone he sustained in the brawl with the Padres last week, writes Ken Gurnik of

The 90-minute procedure was intended to stabilize the broken bone using a rod, but according to Gurnick, a more invasive procedure using a metal plate was required, indicating a more complex break then previously thought. The recovery time remains an estimated eight weeks despite this change.

The operation was performed by Dr. John Itamura and Dr. Neal ElAttrache at Los AngelesWhiteMemorialHospital. At this point, the surgery appears to have been completely successful. Deadspin reports that Dr. ElAttrache also performed surgery on NBA star Kobe Bryant yesterday, repairing his damaged Achilles heel. He has also the doctor who performed the reconstructive surgery on Tom Brady’s knee in 2008.

Prior to the injury, Greinke had pitched 11 1/3 innings on the season, allowing two runs on six hits and one walk while striking out ten in two starts. The injury came in the bottom of the sixth inning on Thursday April 11, when Padres outfielder Carlos Quinten charged Greinke after being hit by a pitch. The two players collided, shoulder-to-shoulder, sparking a bench clearing brawl. Quentin has been suspended for eight games for his role in the brawl.

Greinke was the top free agent pitcher this off-season, landing a six year/$147M deal with Dodgers.


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