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Giants release Andrew Kown

The Giants have released minor-league pitcher Andrew Kown.

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

The Giants have released minor-league journeyman Andrew Kown, to make room on their Triple-A affiliate, the team announced via Twitter.

Kown was drafted in 2004, and has moved his way up the minor-league ladder to Triple-A, but was unable to secure a spot on the Giants big-league roster.

He has played in the Nationals system as well as the Tigers system, but did not crack the Major Leagues in either of those organizations either. He is the pro-typical organizational solider, which means that he will fill spots on minor-league rosters, but not much else.

He had an ERA of 12.15 in two games this year, which is certainly not a ringing endorsement for his future chances to catch on with another team. If he does so, it will be in a similar role as a mop-up guy in the minors. It will be a challenging road to the Majors if he chooses to try and pursue it.

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