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Marlins notes: Giancarlo, Hechavarria

All the latest Marlins news and notes.


Giancarlo all-better

Giancarlo Stanton had been dealing with a foot injury, but he is able to play now. The main-attraction for the Marlins, Stanton is an integral cog in the future of the team. If they choose to trade him (which is likely), then the move could be a key point that brings them back an assortment of prospects and sets them up for future success.

Also in the news, the Marlins reportedly have four likely-destinations for if/when they try to make a deal. MIchael Jong of Fish Stripes looks at the potential suitors, and judges how good of a fit they are for the Marlins. I agree with him that Texas is probably the best fit, as the team has already shown a star-taste in their pursuit of outfielder by chasing Justin Upton. They could deal Jurickson Profar, as he has become expendable after the monster-extension given to incumbent shortstop Elvis Andrus.

Hechavarria to DL

In bad injury news for the team, shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria has been placed on the DL with a right-elbow contusion. He was one of the prospects acquired in their mega-deal with the Blue Jays, and is a very good defensive shortstop that needs to improve his hitting skills. The team has called up utility-player Nick Green to take his place, which is certainly a bit of a let-down for Marlins fans.

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