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Cubs notes: Carlos Marmol should lose closer's role

Should Cubs right-hander Carlos Marmol lose his role of closer after just one game? One reporter thinks so.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

On their off-day, the Chicago Cubs should be working to determine who will close out games following another cardiac appearance by right-hander Carlos Marmol, according to Jesse Rodgers of ESPN Chicago. In Rodgers' opinion, Marmol is no longer the answer.

Rodgers acknowledges that it's only been one game and one poor appearance by Marmol. However, he believes this is about more than yesterday's game, during which Marmol was pulled in the ninth. He notes that the Cubs know the right-hander's stuff isn't what it once was, and he even goes as far as questioning Marmol's mental toughness.

If Marmol continues to struggle, he'll put the Cubs in a tough situation. Chicago has 12-year Japanese closer Kyuji Fujikawa waiting in the wings, but they'd rather Marmol start off strong in order to increase his trade value and allow the team to deal him closer to the deadline.

To say Marmol has been erratic would be an understatement. He finished the 2012 campaign with an ERA of 3.42, but he maintained a mark of 1.52 with 12 saves in 13 opportunities over the second-half of the season. It will be interesting to see how Chicago handles the 30-year-old -- who's owed $9.8 million this season -- but it's hard to believe they'll remove him from the role of closer after just one game.


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