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Mets' David Wright day-to-day with stiff neck

The Mets' third baseman says that the injury began during the team's game on Sunday.


New York Mets' third baseman David Wright will not be in the starting lineup for Monday's game and is being considered day-to-day with "a real stiff neck".

This is the first time Wright has dealt with this kind of stiffness in his neck, according to ESPN's Adam Rubin. Wright says that he began to experience stiffness in the first couple of innings of the Mets' game against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday. The injury worsened as the game wore on. Wright woke up this morning with it feeling worse than ever.

The injury makes it tough for Wright to turn and throw, meaning it would be nearly impossible for him to play defense and almost as hard to hit. The Mets are hoping to have their star player looked at shortly and think that he shouldn't miss much playing time.

Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers had similar neck spasms earlier in the season. He missed three games due to the injury. The severity of Wright's injury is uncertain. It's possible that he will miss a few days like Braun or be back in the lineup tomorrow. Wright could also miss more time than Braun did. The Mets should have a clearer idea on his status tonight or tomorrow morning.

Wright has been phenomenal at the plate this season, hitting .309/.436/.506 with 19 RBI and six steals. Justin Turner is taking Wright's spot at third base and will hit second for New York on Monday.