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Freddy Garcia to remain with the Orioles

Freddy Garcia has chosen not to opt out of his current deal.

Jonathan Daniel

Freddy Garcia chose to remain with the Orioles, despite a clause in his contract saying that he could opt out after his start tonight, reports Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun.

He will stay with the organization at least until May 14, and then he will have another big decision to make about his future with the club.

Garcia has bounced around in recent years, so one can understand him trying to make it work in Baltimore.

The Orioles are a good situation for someone like Garcia, as they have a lot of volatile young pitching, that if it fails, could provide an opportunity for the right-handed starter. Once a front-of-the-rotation pitcher, Garcia has now been relegated to fifth-starter-at-best status, but that is a lot better than many other pitchers his age.

He has made 5 starts for Triple-A Norfolk, and he was even named the International League's Pitcher of the Week. He could certainly be valuable depth for a good many teams.

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