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Strasburg being treated for 'forearm tightness'

Uh oh. Stephen Strasburg is being treated for tightness in his forearm.

Greg Fiume

Stephen Strasburg is being treated by the Nationals for what the team is calling "forearm tightness," reports Dan Kolko of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

It has to be unsettling for the Nationals and their fans to hear of this news, as an injury to their phenom pitcher would be devastating to their goal of winning a World Series.

What is perhaps the most-concerning about this is that the forearm tightness can be code for something much more serious, usually in the elbow. Without speculating wildly, this news is certainly a concern for the Nationals and their young ace.

Of course, this is likely what they are calling it, and he might miss a start or so and then return to the rotation just fine. It would just be terrible irony for them to limit his innings last season and then lose him to injury this year, and be left to wonder what could have been.

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