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Bob Costas drops Ludacris line on unsuspecting nation

"Throw me a beat, Harold. I'm about to knock one out."

Jamie Squire

Bob Costas has gone to plaid, and it's not even Craig Sager's fault.

In the midst of all the terrible "99 problems..." jokes being thrown around yesterday after word broke that Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano had fired Scott Boras and signed on to be represented by Jay-Z (and friends), a wonderful moment occurred on MLB Network that has been immortalized on this thing we call the internet.

Behold, Bob Costas rapping a line from a Ludacris song:

This wonderful homage is made even more fitting when you remember that both Costas and Mr. Bridges are (in)famous for being among the vertically challenged. I half expected Tom Cruise to jump in with the next verse.


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