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Randy Wells to retire

Randy Wells has retired.

Bob Levey

Former Cubs pitcher Randy Wells has retired, reports Paul Sullivan of The Chicago Tribune.

He had been pitching in the Texas Rangers' system at Triple-A Round Rock, but was not doing well so he chose to retire. He is 30 years old.

Wells came onto the scene relatively out-of-nowhere, only pitching in the Major Leagues in 2008 briefly, before taking on a larger role in 2009 with the Cubs.

In his rookie season, he had an ERA of 3.05 and was considered one of the better rookies in the league. His ERA increased each year after that season, and he never regained the form that made him so good in his rookie season.

After struggling in his early-season go around with the Rangers affiliate, he decided to call it quits. He confirmed the news on his personal Twitter account. He had a 6.08 ERA to this point in the season.

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