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Vladimir Guerrero signs with Independent League team

Vladimir Guerrero has signed with an Independent League team.


Vladimir Guerrero will play for the Long Island Ducks, an Independent League team, for the 2013 season, reports Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

He most-recently played for the Orioles in 2011, batting .290 and hitting 13 home runs. While those are not prime-Vlad numbers, they are certainly good enough to where a team should be interested in his services. It is rather curious as to why he has not received any interest about even a role as Spring Training competition.

Guerrero has previously played for the Expos, Angels, Rangers, and the previously-mentioned Orioles. He is likely no longer a candidate to play outfield, but is more of a designated hitter due to his age and lack of athleticism. The Independent League is not always a death sentence, but this late in his career it might be a bad sign.

For a hitter who used to be one of the most feared hitters in baseball, he has certainly fallen a long way in a short amount of time.

If he hits well enough he could possibly sign on with a team, and there is a small list of players who have done that.

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