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East notes: Jeter, Roberts, Kotchman

Taking a look at the news from the Eastern divisions.

Al Bello

Because of our #EastCoastBias, here is an East-only batch of links.

Jeter aims for May 1st

The Yankees were able to beat the Red Sox tonight, but the better news from the night is that their captain could be back on May 1st. Jeter is reportedly trying to make it back for then, and if the Yankees can stay afloat through April that would be a huge boost for the team.

Jeter is currently long-tossing, but the Yankees have not made mention of any specific timetable for the shortstop's return to the team. He was injured in the ALCS last year, and it certainly took the wind out from underneath the team's sails.

Roberts injured... again

Stop me if you've heard the before, Orioles' second baseman Brian Roberts is injured. The 35-year old injured his hamstring while stealing a base tonight, and could miss significant time. He was unable to walk off on his own, which may point to it being a serious injury.

At this point you just have to feel bad for him, as not only can he not stay on the field, but he also is a really talented player that could help Baltimore. Injuries are one of those things in sports that just suck, and there really is not much you can do about them. Best of luck to Brian Roberts, and I hope he can come back and have a healthy rest-of-the-season.

Marlins place Kotchman on DL

The Marlins have placed Casey Kotchman on the DL with a strained left hamstring. Kotchman should fill in for Logan Morrison at first base until he returns, but with him out one must question his role on a National League team that has a first baseman. He is not a particularly strong hitter, and while he can play a good first base, it is only first base.