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Injury notes: Yu, Braun, Drew

Taking a look at the injury news from around the league.


Recently, there has been a rash of injuries throughout the league. Let's take a look at some of the news surrounding them.

Yu exits early, so does Weaver

Last night on Sunday Night Baseball, both Yu Darvish and Jered Weaver exited the game early. Darvish, it was revealed, only had a blister on his finger and will be fine moving forwards. Weaver however, landed awkwardly on his non-throwing arm and may have to miss his next start.

While Darvish should be fine, the news about Weaver is certainly concerning. One thing to factor in however, is the fact that his fastball velocity has been down, so perhaps taking a start off could help him figure out why that is. For someone who doesn't throw very hard to begin with, losing velocity could be a major blow.

Braun misses third consecutive game

Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun has missed three straight games now with a nagging neck injury, which may keep him out a bit longer. The slugging outfielder is a big part of the Brewers' plans for 2013, so if he misses significant time it could do damage to their lofty plans.

Braun is also valuable because the Brewers lack sufficient replacements, and it is costing them runs, and possibly even wins not having him in the line-up.

Drew to rejoin Red Sox on Wednesday

Shortstop Stephen Drew is slated to return to the Red Sox on Wednesday, and should take over the everyday job from there on. The role has currently been filled by prospect Jose Iglesias, but he will likely return to Triple-A when Drew returns.

Drew will provide the Red Sox with solid defense and pop, and getting out of what seemed like a less-than-desirable situation in Arizona should certainly help him moving forwards. The Red Sox could use the boost Drew will provide.