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Roy Oswalt rumors: Veteran would 'love' to rejoin Phillies

Roy Oswalt would love to rejoin the Phillies.

Ronald Martinez

The Philadelphia Phillies are off to a rough start -- beginning the season 2-5 -- but not as rough as Roy Halladay's production has been over his first two appearances of the new campaign. While the big right-hander was allowing seven runs to the New York Mets last night, his former teammate, Roy Oswalt, tweeted about how much he'd love to be back in Philadelphia.

After announcing to his followers that he was actually the one controlling his Twitter account, Oswalt tweeted that he hasn't "felt this good since 2010." That season he posted an ERA of 2.76 over 32 starts with the Houston Astros and Phillies.

Oswalt went on to say that he "would love to come back to Philly," adding that he "loved" his time in the city, which has "amazing fans."

This created quite a stir last night and into this morning, and Oswalt returned to Twitter this afternoon to clarify his previous statements. He backed off of speculation that he was attempting to step on Halladay's toes or that he had any vision of replacing the right-hander. He said that he was simply responding to a question that asked if he would be open to returning to Philly.

After starting 23 games for the Phillies in 2011, Oswalt appeared in 17 games -- including nine starts -- for the Texas Rangers last year. The 35-year-old posted an ERA of 5.80 over 59 innings.


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