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AL East notes: Ortiz, Batista, Iorg

Taking a look at the news in the AL East.


The American League East is one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, and all 5 teams have a legitimate chance to win the division. Let's take a look at some of the recent buzz surrounding it.

Ortiz to start rehab assignment

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has been out for the start of this year due to a foot injury he sustained earlier this Spring. It now sounds like the Red Sox designated hitter is starting a rehab assignment very soon and has already returned to game action.

This is great news for the Red Sox, who could certainly use the punch that Ortiz's bat packs. He will provide them with coverage in the middle of their line-up, as well as taking pressure off of young players such as Will Middlebrooks.

Blue Jays sign Miguel Batista

The Blue Jays have signed pitcher Miguel Batista to a minor-league deal, which was announced earlier today. While Batista is old and not exactly a Cy Young candidate, he still provides solid depth as well as good experience for any pitching staff. His staying power in the league is impressive, and goes to show the value he can provide to a team.

Although this move has solicited groans and sarcastic remarks from most, I actually like that signing. It will not make a huge impact on the team either way, but it is always good to try and bolster your pitching depth.

Orioles sign Iorg

The Orioles have signed organizational infielder Cale Iorg to a minor-league deal and he will play for Double-A Bowie, reports Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun. Irog is a slick-fielding infielder that is considered to be an organizational player, which certainly has value for any team.

This move reminds me a bit of when the Mets acquired Justin Turner, as the player is more regarded as a good organizational player than anything else. Obviously Turner has gone on to provide decent value to the Mets, and that would be a huge success for the Orioles here.

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