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Zack Greinke injury: Dodgers activate pitcher from disabled list

Greinke will make his return to the rotation with a start against the Nationals tonight.


The Dodgers have officially activated pitcher Zack Greinke from the disabled list a month after breaking his collar bone in a benches clearing brawl against the Padres. Greinke will start tonight against the Washington Nationals.

Greinke is returning a month ahead of his projected recovery time, according to

"If I didn't feel ready, I wouldn't do it. If it was 50/50, you don't do it. I say it's well worth the risk we're taking," Greinke was quoted as saying in the article.

To make room on the roster, the Dodgers placed struggling right-hander Josh Beckett on the 15-day DL with a groing strain.

Greinke, 29, suffered his injury after hitting Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin in the wrist with a pitch, which caused Quentin to charge the mound. Greinke stood his ground and took a shot on the shoulder that broke his collarbone.

Greinke's return will be a welcome addition to a Dodgers team that has suffered through plenty of injuries already this season. Currently, the team has eight other players on the disabled list including Hanley Ramirez, Ted Lilly, Chad Billingsley, and Mark Ellis.

The Dodgers signed Greinke to a six year, $147 million contract as a free agent during the off season. That is the fourth largest contract ever signed by a pitcher. Greinke made just two starts before his injury, but had been pitching well, allowing just two runs over 11.2 innings.