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Astros to name Reid Ryan team president

With Nolan Ryan off the market, Houston has opted to go with the next best thing... his son.

Bob Levey

Reid Ryan, the son of Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, will be named the next president of the Houston Astros on Friday, reports Brian McTaggert of

The job became available on Monday when former president and CEO George Postolos announced his immediate resignation from position.

Reid's hiring essentially gives the Ryan family dominion over big-league baseball in the state of Texas. Nolan has been president and CEO of the Texas Rangers since 2008, and also owns two minor-league affiliates in the state -- Round Rock (Rangers) and Corpus Christi (Astros) -- that Reid oversees the operations of under the auspices of Ryan-Sanders Baseball, Inc.

The younger Ryan hasn't had quite the success on the ball field that his father did, playing just two seasons of minor-league ball with the Rangers in the mid-90s before embarking on other endeavors, but he has certainly done well for himself on the business side of things. In addition to running the two minor-league clubs, he also serves on the board of trustees for Minor League Baseball and is a member of the executive committee for the Pacific Coast League.

The Houston Astros are in the early goings of a massive rebuilding process, and are currently residing in the AL West cellar.


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