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NL West notes: Oswalt, Headley

All the latest news and notes from the NL West.


Rockies sign Oswalt

The Rockies signed pitcher Roy Oswalt today, and he will report to the team's Spring Training facility in Arizona. It does not appear as thought the team has set a timeline for when he will be ready to pitch as of now. If past examples serve as any kind of a comparison, he could be ready to go by late-June in the Rockies' rotation. If the team is still in contention at the time, he will be a much-needed boost to their starting pitching corps.

The biggest role Oswalt might play for the Rockies is that he will be a calming presence on the inexperienced pitchers in the Rockies' rotation. After much turmoil the last two seasons, having a veteran presence could help steady the minds of the pitchers.

Padres prepare huge offer for Headley

After locking up Cameron Maybin, the Padres may be trying to lock up another key cog in their future plans in third baseman Chase Headley. The team could be preparing a "historic" offer for the third baseman, which certainly makes sense as he is one of the best third basemen in the National League. He also has a perfect offensive game for Petco Park, which is a major plus for San Diego.