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Orioles Kevin Gausman to make MLB debut Thursday

Orioles prospect Kevin Gausman will reportedly make his MLB debut on Thursday.


Orioles uber-prospect Kevin Gausman will make his MLB debut Thursday for the Orioles, reports Jon Morosi of Fox Sports.

Gausman was selected fourth overall in last year's June Rule 4 Draft, and was noted at the time as a pitcher with a chance to move quickly through a minor-league system.

With the Orioles reeling at the Major League level, and Gausman making quick work of Double-A, this move makes sense as an attempt to bolster the rotation of the Orioles. They have been scratching and clawing and are trying to make the playoffs for a second straight season, and if Gausman can eat innings for them it would be a tremendous benefit to the club.

Six months ago, if one had said that Gausman would beat Dylan Bundy to Camden Yards, most people probably would've thought that person was out of their mind. With Bundy dealing with elbow problems, and Gausman pitching well in the upper levels of the minors, the decision seemed pretty clear for the Orioles.

Gausman, 22, has an ERA of 3.11 in Double-A over 46 1/3 innings pitched for Bowie. The only players taken ahead of him in last year's draft were Carlos Correa, Byron Buxton, and Mike Zunino.