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J.A. Happ injury: Blue Jays pitcher 'doing well' after hospitalization

Blue Jays starting pitcher J.A. Happ was taken to the hospital after getting hit in the head with a line drive and is doing well, according to the team.


Blue Jays starting pitcher J.A. Happ took a line drive to the side of the head on Tuesday evening against the Tampa Bay Rays and needed to leave the field on a stretcher. Blood could be seen on the side of Happ's head after the shot from Desmond Jennings' bat.

Happ left the game and was taken to the hospital for further testing, and according to a statement from the team via their Twitter account, is doing well.

J.A. Happ left last night's game after hit on left side of head by a batted ball and was taken to hospital for testing. He was responsive and doing well after suffering a head contusion and a laceration to his left ear. We anticipate that he will be discharged today after testing and will provide an update later on with further information.

Happ does not appear to have suffered serious injury, but injuries to the head are always scary and should be treated with caution going forward.

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