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AL East notes: Hanrahan, Romero, Gonzalez

All the latest news and notes from the AL East.

J. Meric

Blue Jays demote Romero

In the continued demise of Ricky Romero, the Blue Jays sent him to Triple-A Buffalo after another rough start. It has been a long road to this point for Romero, and one has to wonder if he will ever regain his form that earned him his current contract extension. For a Blue Jays team that needed to get some luck in their starting rotation before the season, a blow like this is just another loss for a team that is absolutely reeling after just a month.

Hanrahan to see the Grim Reaper.. err... Dr. James Andrews

Joel Hanrahan will go see Dr. James Andrews, which has to be just about the worst possible news for the Red Sox reliever. The phrase "... will go see Dr. James Andrews" has to be the most damning that a pitcher can hear when suffering an injury. Already on the DL, this news just makes it seem apparent that the injury is going to be a long-term thing, and that the Red Sox should probably be preparing for life without Hanrahan.

Miguel Gonzalez to DL

Orioles pitcher Miguel Gonzalez hit the DL today, and he will miss a few starts after missing his most recent one. He was a major factor for them down the stretch last year, so they surely hope he can return to form quickly.