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Yankees rumors: Robinson Cano likely headed for free agency

Cano, possibly the best 2nd baseman alive, could be headed to free agency -- and the Yankees might lose him to a higher bidder.

Jared Wickerham

The New York Yankees and 2nd baseman Robinson Cano are still far apart in contract extension negotiations and Cano will likely hit free agency after the 2013 season, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

The thought was that Cano's roc-star/icon superagent Jay-Z might've been able to move negotiations forward, but if anything the two sides have drifted farther apart since Cano signed with Mr. HOVA.

Just last week we heard Joel Sherman of the New York Post suggest that Cano's lack of 'star power' hurts his value with the Yankees, which I said was absurd on its face:

...Sherman's apparent justification that just boggles the mind. Perhaps it's not star power the Yankees lack? Perhaps star power is the problem to begin with? And maybe -- MAYBE -- that big fancy jewel of a stadium isn't helping fill itself with ticket prices? I don't know. But I do know if the Yankees legitimately think they can bring Cano's asking price down by floating nonsense like this out there, perhaps Cano would be better off without them.

Now, we have this report from Heyman stating that they're so far apart that Cano could hit free agency. This is my speculation here but consider the source: this is either coming from the club or from Cano's camp in an effort to persuade the other to move.

If it's coming from the Yankees, perhaps they think Cano and his representation realize only 1-2 other clubs can match what the Yankees can offer (Dodgers/Angels maybe?) and hopefully scare him into signing. If it's from Cano's camp, perhaps Jay-Z and company believe they can scare the Yan...LOL, that's just caffeine talking. It's also possible this is coming from both sides, in which case I say "Robinson, say hello to free agency!"

How far apart are they?

Heyman is reporting that Cano's "friends" have him looking for something in the neighborhood of $275 million, while the Yankees were thinking something closer to $138 million. I'll save you some time since I have my calculator already open: that's about $137 million difference -- or 100% more than the Yankees want.

Do the Yankees allow Cano to hit free agency and risk losing him? Comment below.


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