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Edinson Volquez drawing interest from multiple clubs

The Padres right-hander was being scouted at Saturday's game in Petco.


San Diego Padres RHP Edinson Volquez was being scouted by several clubs at Saturday's game in Petco, according to Bill Center of U-T San Diego. Interested clubs include the Orioles, Phillies, and Blue Jays.

Volquez, 29, is a 9th-year pro and a career 4.65 ERA. This season he's pitching a 5.67 ERA over 87 innings while striking out 7.3 and walking 4.5 every 9 innings. He's a free agent following this season, making $5.7 million in 2013.

If anything the interest in Volquez shows that the action on starters will be heated this trade season. While his numbers don't pop off the page (to me), he's a bright-ish spot in a bad rotation. And that soon-to-end contract probably has a few pitching coaches wondering if they could harness that talent at the back end of a rotation that needs a late-season stopgap.

Should the Padres move Volquez while they can still squeeze value out of him? Comment below.


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