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Ricky Nolasco trade rumors: Marlins shopping, Giants favorites

Everyone* agrees the Giants will probably end up with Nolasco. And by everyone I mean "generic rival GM calling multiple reporters."

Thearon W. Henderson

The Miami Marlins are aggressively shopping their right-hander Ricky Nolasco and the San Francisco Giants are are the favorites to land him according to separate reports.

Andy Martino of the NY Daily News spoke with one NL official who described the Marlins as being "very aggressive, calling everyone about their pitchers." I'm not sure what the difference is between aggressive and proactive here, but I'd speculate that aggressive means both desperate and the price is coming down quickly. Indeed, Martino spoke with another source who said, "they are desperate to move Nolasco."

Way to not show your hand, Marlins!

It's also possible "one NL official" is calling a bunch of people to make the Marlins look bad (not that they need help) and to bring down the price on Nolasco. Observe:

So do we have a consensus? More likely it's one GM calling around and planting the seed. Whoever could it be? Hmmm.

Edit -- more fuel to the aggressive/desperate fire:

How many reports of aggressive and desperate is that now? Four? If we say it enough times it becomes truth.

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