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Mets rumors: Andre Ethier trade could make sense

It kinda makes sense if you think about it.


The New York Mets could make sense as a destination for Andre Ethier, speculates Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. He prefaces the discussion by noting he's merely "thinking out loud," but he makes some good points:

  • Johan Santana, Jason Bay, and Frank Francisco will all be coming off the Mets payroll and would (obviously) give the club increased financial flexibility.
  • With said flexibility, the Mets could absorb the bulk of the remaining 4 years, $71.5 million on Ethier's contract.
  • The more the Mets would be willing to take on, the less they'd have to give up to acquire Ethier from the Dodgers.
  • Rosenthal notes that Mets fans might not want him, but he notes they already need help and the free agent market is (and will be) thin.

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Now, I'm probably different than the majority of my baseball brethren here but these are my absolute favorite kind of trade rumor.

It's speculation, sure. And maybe it's just Ken being a mouthpiece for Ethier's sports agency (CAA Sports) or for the Dodgers, which I assume would be happy to be rid of Ethier while they figure other things out, like Clayton Kershaw -- not that I would ever assume Ken would just create speculation based on what agents and front offices tell him. Still, it makes for a good conversation.

Does Andre Ethier make sense for the Mets? How much of his contract should they be willing to take? Comment below.


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