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Yankees rumors: Robinson Cano extension talks hurt by A-Rod's star power

The Yankees might have bigger problems than what to do with A-Rod if they think this excuse is going to bring down Cano's asking price.


Robinson Cano's extension negotiations with the New York Yankees are hurt by the continuing Alex Rodriguez drama, and not just in the obvious way (that 10-year extensions as a rule are horrible ideas). Joel Sherman of the New York Post suggests that it is actually A-Rod's STAR POWER that will hurt Cano when it comes time to sign any extension.

If you're rubbing your temples at the thought of the Yankees putting celebrity above talent, wait until you see this quote from Anonymous Yankee Official #1:

"Do you think anyone buys a ticket to see Robbie Cano?"

Sherman follows up with the suggestion that we might suggest the statement is just a negotiating ploy (right?!), but he believes it's just reality. Hey, it's possible! The Yankees are aging, sure, but they're still winning. Yet, in Sherman's words, they are still "unable to fill the stadium nightly" and are "no longer local Nielsen darlings."

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I could be wrong here, but it's both the quote from the official above and Sherman's apparent justification that just boggles the mind. Perhaps it's not star power the Yankees lack? Perhaps star power is the problem to begin with? And maybe -- MAYBE -- that big fancy jewel of a stadium isn't helping fill itself with ticket prices? I don't know. But I do know if the Yankees legitimately think they can bring Cano's asking price down by floating nonsense like this out there, perhaps Cano would be better off without them.

I like what Tanya from Pinstriped Bible said about that quote from the official above:

Is Joel Sherman right? Do the Yankees need star power to justify a big contract extension for Robinson Cano? Comment below.


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